Cumulative Update 7 for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016

CU 7 for BizTalk Server 2016 has been released, and also Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016 Feature Update 3 with CU7

Important: Do not mix installing CU’s and Feature packs.

This CU contains

  • Four fixes/improvements for the SFTP adapter.
  • One fix for the IBM MQ.
  • One improvement for the the MQSeries adapters.
  • One fix for SAP (NCo) adapter.
  • One fix for the HL7 BizTalk Server Accelerators.
  • Five fixes around applying CU’s, Feature Packs and other setup and configuration changes (not counting the SFTP one which I’ve counted under adapters).
  • And a JSON FIX: JSON encoder unable to handle XML schema with the same name for record and one of its elements which is an issue that has caused grief for a few people.

Note: It has been reported on Twitter that “We have some issues with the new #biztalk CU7. The json encoder has started formatting boolean values as string values, like “true” instead of true.” and “As we wanted the FTP fixes in CU7 we installed it anyway and replaced the jsonextension dll with an older version.”

In that same thread “Little warning, rolling back CU7, does not rollback the jsonextension version.”

Also JSON encoder pipeline doesn’t create json array after installing CU7

Author: Coen (Colin) Dijkgraaf

A Integration Consultant for Datacom in Auckland, New Zealand, working mainly with BizTalk and Azure. You can follow me on Twitter, StackOverflow and WordPress

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