BizTalk – WinMgt error when refreshing Group Hub – The parameter is incorrect #msbts

Recently when refreshing the Group Hub in BizTalk 2013 R2 in a QAT environment for a client we encountered an error when refreshing in the group hub. Doing a search on this quickly brought up a threads in Technet, where I had actually posted the accepted answer for, The parameter is incorrect (WinMgmt) and also […]

.Net 4.6 now supported for BizTalk 2013 R2, BHM 4.1 released

Over a year ago we hit a situation where we got a warning from BHM about .Net 4.6 not being supported, which was a bit of effort to sort out. Today I looked at the release notes for the latest BizTalk Health Monitor, v4.1 and noticed that in the release notes it said “Removed BizTalk 2013 […]

BizTalk SSO & SSO Affiliate Application Settings

Recently at my work we’ve started using SSO Affiliate Applications to store credentials for Receive Locations and Send Ports to avoid either having the credentials in the Bindings (which is insecure) or having to re-enter the credentials after each release (which causes releases to take too long). I won’t go into details how we do […]

‘maxconnection’ property Is not present in some BizTalk process config files

We are using BizTalk Health Monitor 3.0 in a clients environments and we get the warning message Category: Tuning Caption: ‘maxconnection’ property Value: Is not present in some BizTalk process config files – You can configure the number of concurrent connections that the SOAP adapter opens for a particular destination server by adding “maxconnection” entry […]

Warning: BizTalk 2013 R2 is unsupported if you install .Net 4.6 — Connected Pawns

Update: With the latest version 4.1 BHM this warning is removed. See .Net 4.6 now supported for BizTalk 2013 R2, BHM 4.1 released A new critical warning has appeared in the BizTalk Health Monitor for all of our BizTalk 2013 R2 servers after the latest repository update from Microsoft as shown in the screenshot below. How did […]

BizTalk Server Negative Acknowledgement issues in SAP and WCF.

I encountered a situation in BizTalk 2010 where when using the WCF-Custom send port with a sapBinding that was subscribing to a WCF-CustomIsolated with wsHttpBinding was throwing back a Microsoft BizTalk Server Negative Acknowledgement SOAP messages as below.  These occurred after about 15 minutes of the request.

The database “SERVER:BizTalkRuleEngineDb” associated with the deployment driver does not match the database “:” specified during production configuration

I had an issue recently at a clients site where after a deployment of an application to their test environment where everything seemed to go fine that when smoke testing it it was complaining that the BRE Policy it needed was not deployed, as the policy was a resource in the MSI that was deployed […]

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