Recently when refreshing the Group Hub in BizTalk 2013 R2 in a QAT environment for a client we encountered an error when refreshing in the group hub.

Doing a search on this quickly brought up a threads in Technet, where I had actually posted the accepted answer for, The parameter is incorrect (WinMgmt) and also pointing to an older thread WinMgt error when refreshing Group Hub where a colleague (at that time) Mark Brimble had posted both the question and the answer. He also blogged about it The parameter is incorrect (WinMgt) error when refreshing the BizTalk Group Hub

In all cases this error was resolved by first moving any ports onto another handler and then removing an adapter from a host, restarting the host, testing that the console works and then re-adding them.

In our case we had added two new host instances recently for SFTP adapters to use, both the out of the box Microsoft one and the nSoftware one, and somehow the out of the box one had corrupted some settings on one of the hosts. The trick of course is identifying which adapter, we assumed correctly that it would be the last ones that were changed.

There is also this blog post The parameter is incorrect (WinMgt)” error when refreshing the BizTalk Group in BizTalk Administration Console that gives some steps to achieve the same via the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester if it errors out in the Adapter configuration in the Console.

A possible (unconfirmed) way to identify the offending Adapter is to run the following queries in the WMI Tester

  1. Go to Run and type : wbemtest
  2. Click on connect and give the namespace as : root\MicrosoftBizTalkServer
  3. Click on query and run the cmd

SELECT * FROM MSBTS_ReceiveHandler where MgmtDbServerOverride <> "" or MgmtDbNameOverride  <> ""

And for the send handlers run

SELECT * FROM MSBTS_SendHandler where MgmtDbServerOverride <> "" or MgmtDbNameOverride  <> ""