PURGE Everything in the DTA #msbts

Due to too much message body tracking after a release of an application to Production, the DTA size grew too large in BizTalk 2013 R2.

DTA Size

This also caused backups to become too large, and the DTA Purge and Archive job running for too long and not reducing the size of the DTA database fast enough.  The large DTA database size could also be impacting BizTalk performance.

We intend to use the BHM Task “PURGE Everything in the DTA”

One of the pre-requisites to running BHM “All BizTalk SQL Agent jobs are stopped”.  Does this include the Backup jobs?  Yes

The DBA is also concerned that the Log files will blow out in size and wants to set the Recovery Model to Simple, would this approach be correct and supported by Microsoft?

BizTalk Team

  1. Do a partial stop all applications and allow running processes to finish
  2. Turn off host instances and set to manual on the BT Prod server.
  3. Stop IIS
  4. Inform SQL team to proceed with their task.

SQL Team to take back up of the SQL database with the following steps

  1. Run BizTalkMgmtDb.dbo.sp_ForceFullBackup stored procedure
  2. Run the Backup BizTalk Server (BizTalkMgmtDb) job to back up the database
  3. Stop all BizTalk SQL Agent jobs
  4. Set the Recovery Model to Simple
  5. Inform BizTalk team that Backup is complete

BizTalk Team

  1. Run BHM task to clean Orphaned Instances (step not needed as Purge will take care of those)
  2. Run BHM task to PURGE Everything in the DTA
  3. Inform SQL team that purge is complete

SQL Team

  1. Shrink the BizTalkDTADb
  2. Set the Recovery Model to Full
  3. Start the SQL Agent jobs
  4. Inform the BizTalk team that Shrink is complete and SQL Agent jobs are running.

BizTalk Team

  1. Start SSO and Host Instances and set to Automatic Start
  2. Start IIS
  3. Enable Receive locations (Except those with DIS prefix)
  4. Monitor for any errors or issues

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Author: Coen (Colin) Dijkgraaf

A Integration Consultant for Datacom in Auckland, New Zealand, working mainly with BizTalk and Azure. You can follow me on Twitter, StackOverflow and WordPress

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