BizTalkServerApplication host instance Access Denied errors from Enterprise Single Sign-On #msbts

Recently I started getting many of the following warnings (sets of two for each of the adapters) whenever I restarted the BizTalkServerApplication host instance.

SSO Errors

EventID: 11042      Task Category: Enterprise Single Sign-On

Access denied. The client user must be a member of one of the following accounts to perform this function.
SSO Administrators: Domain\.Dev BTS SSO Administrators
SSO Affiliate Administrators: Domain\.Dev BTS SSO Affiliate Administrators
Application Administrators: Domain\.Dev BTS Administrators
Application Users: –
Additional Data: Domain\HostUser {BF5332F6-5522-485A-98F1-570EF972F9ED} FILE_TL_Hostname

EventID: 10536   Task Category: Enterprise Single Sign-On
Function: GetConfigInfo ({E6E1136D-0392-40F6-AFA1-ABE32C6163E5})
Tracking ID: 10e23caa-58eb-4dce-b9e4-2c4e5eb9ba95
Client Computer: (wmiprvse.exe:3968)
Client User: Domain\HostUser
Application Name: {BF5332F6-5522-485A-98F1-570EF972F9ED}
Error Code: 0x80070005, Access is denied.


I believe it may have come about because I installed a 3rd party adapter SFTP, and changed which Hosts these adapters were not to use the BizTalkServerApplication Host as the host is a 32 bit one and the adapters is 64 bits, plus I wanted this adapter to use a hosts specifically set up for only SFTP receiving or sending.  Only one Development environment had this error, another where I had done the same thing didn’t get these errors.

I tried various things such as removing the 3rd party adapter, re-entering the hosts credentials, removing nearly all of the Receive Locations, Orchestrations and Send Ports of the BizTalkServerApplication (which they should not have been on anyway), but to no avail.

In the end I resolved this by Deleting the BizTalkServerApplication (which then warns you that anything remaining on the host instance would stop working, as below), and then afterwards, re-creating the Host Instance.  After this the error did not re-occur.




Published by Coen (Colin) Dijkgraaf

A BizTalk developer at Datacom Systems Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. You can follow me on Twitter, StackOverflow and WordPress

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