Pieter Vandenheede

With the latest CU’s for BizTalk Server, the Purge and Archive job can now be configured to clean up orphaned instances. The biggest advantage is that the cleanup is done without any downtime…. yes this means you no longer need to run the BizTalk Health Monitor to clean them up!

The change was marked in the following Microsoft Support article: Orphaned BizTalk DTA service instances are not removed by the “DTA Purge and Archive” job in BizTalk Server

The change is included in the following cumulative update packages:

Once you apply the CU to your servers, you will notice an additional parameter in the BizTalk DTA Purge and Archive SQL job: @fHardDeleteRunningInstances

If you would like to use the new behavior to clean-up the orphaned instances at run-time, you would need to set the parameter to 1…

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