At my work, for all new BizTalk projects we use the BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF).  One of the features it has is to have a master binding file where you tokenize some of the settings that vary between environments such as URLs and usernames.

We have also started tokenizing the BizTalk tracking settings.  This means that your deployment will automatically have different tracking for different environments and you don’t accidentally blow out your tracking database in Production by having body tracking on, but have it on the environments you are most likely to need it, like Development ones.

Full Body tracking in Development,  less tracking in Test and Production.
Below is what the SettingsFileGenerator.xml looks like
And in your PortBindingMaster.xml some examples of how to use these.
For Orchestrations
<Service …… TrackingOption=”${Orchestration_Tracking}” >
In the Send and Receive Ports
And the Pipelines
<ReceivePipeline …. TrackingOption=“${Pipeline_Tracking}” />