The official announcement An important milestone in enterprise integration – launch of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016 by  Principal Director, Program Management

Update: The BizTalk 2016 Azure VM is now available in the old Azure portal but not yet in the new portal  the download files are avaiable on MSDN & My Visualstudio for Standard, Enterprise & Branch, and now also Developer Edition.

Also the What’s New in BizTalk Server 2016 has been updated, what is new has not changed substantially from previously, however what is interesting there is what they have removed or marked as deprecated.

Deprecated & Removed List

Program Status Replacement
RFID Mobile Removed None
RFID Server Removed None
SharePoint SSOM/Web Service adapter Removed Use the CSOM (Client Side Object Model) option.

Windows SharePoint Services Adapter

Appendix B: Install the Microsoft SharePoint Adapter

SOAP adapter Deprecated WCF-BasicHttp Adapter
Old SQL adapter Deprecated WCF-based SQL adapter in the BizTalk Adapter Pack
UDDI Removed None