We are using BizTalk Health Monitor 3.0 in a clients environments and we get the warning message

Category: Tuning

Caption: ‘maxconnection’ property

Value: Is not present in some BizTalk process config files – You can configure the number of concurrent connections that the SOAP adapter opens for a particular destination server by adding “maxconnection” entry

However I have checked both the BTSNTSvc.exe.config and the BTSNTSvc64.exe.config and the both do have the maxconnection property.

 <add address="*" maxconnection = "5" />
 <!--Dev Env-->
 <add address="http:/example.com*" maxconnection = "5"/>
 <add address="https://sub.example.com*" maxconnection = "5"/>

 <!--Test Env.-->
 <add address="https://sub2.example.com*" maxconnection ="5"/>

The offending rule is


It has two conditions.  The first one looks OK.


But the second condition looks incomplete and I believe the cause of the problem


I created a custom rule with the same setup and got the same behavior with a spurious warning.

I then removed the second condition and tested again.  This did not produce a warning as expected.

I then changed the comparison value to maxconnections (with an extra s) and the rule did produce a warning as expected.

It looks like the second Condition is a miss-configuration in BHM 3.0 rules.