Adventures inside the Message Box

This article has been jointly written by Connected Pawns’ Mark Brimble and Adventures inside the Message Box’s Johann Cooper and is a response to MuleSoft’s recent blog article “10 reasons to walk from BizTalk” in an attempt to analyse whether the article has any merit.

A quick disclaimer first. Our trade is primarily but not limited to BizTalk. Our current focuses are on Microsoft products, however as it should be our loyalty is to our customers (whoever that might be at the time) and we consider ourselves open to any and all technologies. We consider MuleSoft products, and other integration offerings such as Boomi, to be opportunities rather than threats to our careers. We haven’t used MuleSoft products yet but do follow them out of interest as they are clearly an industry leader in the integration space, which is quite an achievement considering the strengths of the more established incumbents.

Recently one of our customers…

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